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School Of Life

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School Of Life Film Information

What's The Movie School Of Life About?

At Fallbrook Middle School, the annual student-elected Teacher of the Year award is held. And every year for the last 43 years Norman Warner or most fondly called Stormin' Norman Warner has won the award. Now that he has died, the burden of carrying the legacy falls into the hands of Matt Warner, the son of the late Norman Warner who has always lived in the shadow of his father.

This School Rocks!

What's The Genre Of The School Of Life Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

Who Stars In The School Of Life Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture School Of Life Released?

Released: February 19, 2005

What's The Runtime Of The School Of Life Movie?

Runtime: 111.0

How Popular Is The School Of Life Movie?

Popularity Rating: 3.602

What Studio(s) Produced The School Of Life Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture School Of Life?

Matt Warner David Paymer
Mr. D Ryan Reynolds
Norman Warner John Astin
Dylan Warner Andrew Robb
Elli Warner Kate Vernon
Principal Bass Don MacKay
Maggie Little Brenda McDonald
Dan Parks Paul Jarrett
Denise Davies Leila Johnson
Vern Cote Chris Gauthier
Chase Shylo Sharity
Seth Gordie Giroux
Kylie Asia Lim
Heather Chelsea Florko
Clyde Alexander Pollock
Patty Jillian Marie
Devon Carly McKillip
Brad Christopher Attadia
Howard Keith William Miller
Timmy Richard Harmon
Susie Kimberly Paris
Matilda Smith Lorena Gale
Miss Hunt Lisa Dahling
Nurse Bogie Frida Betrani
Madman Hunter Elliott

Who Was On The Crew Of School Of Life The Movie?

Directing — Director: William Dear
Writing — Writer: Jonathan Kahn

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