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Shangri-La Suite

Watching The Movie Shangri-La Suite
Shangri-La Suite Film Information

What's The Movie Shangri-La Suite About?

Karen and Jack met in a mental hospital and fell in love. They set out to follow what Jack thinks is his destiny: killing Elvis Presley.

Meet Karen Bird and Jack Blueblood. Lovers. Dreamers. Serial Killers.

What's The Genre Of The Shangri-La Suite Movie?

Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance

Who Stars In The Shangri-La Suite Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Shangri-La Suite Released?

Released: January 11, 2017

What's The Runtime Of The Shangri-La Suite Movie?

Runtime: 90.0

How Popular Is The Shangri-La Suite Movie?

Popularity Rating: 3.073

What Studio(s) Produced The Shangri-La Suite Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Shangri-La Suite?

Karen Bird Emily Browning
Jack Blueblood Luke Grimes
Elvis Presley Ron Livingston
Priscilla Presley Ashley Greene
Teijo Littlefoot Avan Jogia
Lisa Marie Presley Alyvia Alyn Lind
Mike Trevante Rhodes
Officer Gingrass Tatanka Means
Hepcat Echo Kellum
1950's Elvis Reiley McClendon
Toby Rob Zabrecky
Karen's Mother Kate Butler
Gladys Presley Amanda Aday
Kate Krieger
Guru Daniel Spink
Jerome Dillon Daniel
Lauren Kristen Kassinger
Mary Sarah Noble Peck
Loretta Blueblood Zoe Vance
Young Jack Joseph Wise
Jasmine Jasmin Radibratovic

Who Was On The Crew Of Shangri-La Suite The Movie?

Directing — Director: Eddie O'Keefe
Writing — Writer: Chris Hutton
Writing — Writer: Eddie O'Keefe

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