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Smothered Film Information

What's The Movie Smothered About?

Five horror icons ditch an unprofitable autograph signing convention to earn some extra cash haunting an RV park, but find themselves being haunted instead.

It's HER turn now!

What's The Genre Of The Smothered Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Who Stars In The Smothered Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Smothered Released?

Released: March 29, 2016

What's The Runtime Of The Smothered Movie?

Runtime: 96.0

How Popular Is The Smothered Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.582

What Studio(s) Produced The Smothered Film?

John Schneider's Fairlight Films

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Smothered?

Striper Kane Hodder
R.A. Mihailoff R.A. Mihailoff
Soggy Christian Bill Moseley
Randy Dane Rhodes
Malcolm Danare Malcolm Danare
Don Shanks Don Shanks
Chunks Rachel Alana Handler
Agness Amy Brassette
Mountain Man Ritchie Montgomery
Michael Berryman Michael Berryman
Carl Andrew Bowen
Horror Convention Goer Joseph Randy Causin
Player John Schneider
Kid Aiden Flowers
Trixie Shanna Forrestall
Freaky Jeff Galpin
Gay Zombie Ray Gaspard
DeeDee Brea Grant
John Kassir John Kassir

Who Was On The Crew Of Smothered The Movie?

Directing — Director: John Schneider
Production — Producer: Doug Blake
Writing — Story: John Schneider
Writing — Writer: John Schneider

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