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Spider Baby

Watching The Movie Spider Baby
Spider Baby Film Information

What's The Movie Spider Baby About?

The story follows a family of inbreeds who have been afflicted by a genetic disorder known as 'Merrye syndrome', named after the family in which the disorder developed. This malady causes its victims to enter a state of age regression that starts at the age of ten and continues throughout the remainder of the person's life, rendering them with the intelligence of a child. The final generation of the family has been entrusted to the care of the family chauffeur (Lon Chaney Jr), and all is well for these odd people until a greedy branch of the family decides that they want to relieve the family of its home. Mental illness has always, and will always be, a fascinating subject for horror movies as it probes into the unknown and Spider Baby makes best use of that fact.

The most gruesome horror ever shown!

What's The Genre Of The Spider Baby Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Who Stars In The Spider Baby Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Spider Baby Released?

Released: December 24, 1967

What's The Runtime Of The Spider Baby Movie?

Runtime: 81.0

How Popular Is The Spider Baby Movie?

Popularity Rating: 3.285

What Studio(s) Produced The Spider Baby Film?


United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Spider Baby?

Who Was On The Crew Of Spider Baby The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Ray Storey
Camera — Director of Photography: Alfred Taylor
Directing — Assistant Director: Bart Patton
Directing — Director: Jack Hill
Editing — Editor: Jack Hill
Production — Associate Producer: Alan Riseman
Production — Associate Producer: Marvin Levine
Production — Producer: Gil Lasky
Production — Producer: Paul Monka
Production — Production Supervisor: Bart Patton
Sound — Original Music Composer: Ronald Stein
Writing — Writer: Jack Hill

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