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Stars 80

Watching The Movie Stars 80
Stars 80 Film Information

What's The Movie Stars 80 About?

Die-hard fans of the 1980s, Vincent and Antoine run a company that supplies doubles of faded stars throughout the whole of France. What starts out as a promising business venture ends up as a calamity when Vincent and Antoine have over forty engagements booked but no one to attend them. They then have a brainwave. Why not get in touch with the real stars of the 1980s and persuade them to make a comeback? Why make do with an imitation when you can have the real McCoy?

What's The Genre Of The Stars 80 Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Stars 80 Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Stars 80 Released?

Released: October 24, 2012

What's The Runtime Of The Stars 80 Movie?

Runtime: 110.0

How Popular Is The Stars 80 Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.370

What Studio(s) Produced The Stars 80 Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Stars 80?

Vincent Richet Richard Anconina
Antoine Miller Patrick Timsit
Willy Bruno Lochet
Herself Lio
Himself Francois Feldman
Himself Jean-Luc Lahaye
Herself Jeanne Mas
Himself Gilbert Montagne
Herself Sabrina Salerno
Himself Valery Zeitoun
Himself (Debut de soiree) Sacha Goeller
Himself (Debut de soiree) William Picard
Herself Desireless
Himself Cookie Dingler
Himself (Emile & Images) Emile Wandelmer
Himself (Emile & Images) Mario Ramsamy
Himself (Emile & Images) Jean-Louis Pujade
Himself Patrick Hernandez
Himself (Leopold Nord & Vous) Alec Mansion
Himself Jean-Pierre Mader
Himself (Peter & Sloane) Jean-Pierre Savelli
Herself (Peter & Sloane) Chantal Richard
Himself Jean Schultheis
la patronne du kebab Caroline Loeb
Herself Joniece Jamison
Himself Franck Provost
Himself Marc Toesca
Camille Richet Juliet Lemonnier
M. Guitera, le banquier Eric Naggar
le serveur du restaurant Andy Cocq
le patron du kebab Marc Andreoni
la receptionniste de l'hotel Charline Paul

Who Was On The Crew Of Stars 80 The Movie?

Directing — Director: Frederic Forestier
Directing — Director: Thomas Langmann
Writing — Screenplay: Karine Angeli
Writing — Screenplay: Pascal Bourdiaux

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