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Starving in Suburbia

Watching The Movie Starving in Suburbia
Starving in Suburbia Film Information

What's The Movie Starving in Suburbia About?

When seventeen-year-old Hannah stumbles upon a website about Thinspiration--an online community devoted to anorexia as a life choice--she becomes an obsessive follower of the site founder, ButterflyAna. By the time Hannah's family realizes what is happening and get Hannah the help she needs, the disease has fully taken hold and Hannah is refusing to eat. Will this family be able to exorcise the demon of anorexia from their lives?

What's The Genre Of The Starving in Suburbia Movie?

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Who Stars In The Starving in Suburbia Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Starving in Suburbia Released?

Released: April 26, 2014

What's The Runtime Of The Starving in Suburbia Movie?

Runtime: 84.0

How Popular Is The Starving in Suburbia Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.780

What Studio(s) Produced The Starving in Suburbia Film?

Indy Entertainment

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Starving in Suburbia?

Hannah Laura Wiggins
Teagan Izabella Miko
Joey Callie Thorne
Michael Marcus Giamatti
Kayden Emma Dumont
Leo Brendan Meyer
Dr. Klein Sharon Lawrence
Ms. Christie Paula Newsome
Dancer Alexandra Begg
HipPopK Rachael Kathryn Bell
Dancer Colleen Craig
Thin Chic Woman Olivia Jordan
Mia Love Franchesca Maia
Dancer Emily Jordan
Dancer Krystal Ellsworth
Barista Hailey Hansard
G-Style Doug Haley

Who Was On The Crew Of Starving in Suburbia The Movie?

Directing — Director: Tara Miele
Writing — Writer: Tara Miele

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