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Superdome Film Information

What's The Movie Superdome About?

It's Superbowl. And there's a lot of drama, one of the players, Dave Wolecki, has been so preoccupied with the game and if his bum knee will hold out until the game, has been completely ignoring his wife. And McCauley, the team's star quarterback, is being courted by a management firm, and the man the firm has assigned to get him into the firm has been told that if he doesn't get him, he will be out. But that's nothing compared to the real drama. There's a killer running around. It seems that the syndicate doesn't want the highly favored Cougars to win. They tried to get the team's trainer to drug or incapacitate some players, and when he refuses he is killed. So, the team's manager has to try and find out who the killer is, before he does some real damage.

It's The Biggest Event Of The Year - The Superbowl! Thousands of Men and Women Seeking Excitement, Glamour and Romance ... But A Desperate Killer Threatens To Turn It Into A Nightmare.

What's The Genre Of The Superdome Movie?

Genres: Crime, Drama

Who Stars In The Superdome Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Superdome Released?

Released: January 9, 1978

What's The Runtime Of The Superdome Movie?

Runtime: 100.0

How Popular Is The Superdome Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.391

What Studio(s) Produced The Superdome Film?

ABC Circle Films

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Superdome?

Mike Shelley David Janssen
Joyce Edie Adams
P.K. Jackson Clifton Davis
Doug Collins Peter Haskell
Dave Walecki Ken Howard
Nancy Walecki Susan Howard
Chip Green Van Johnson
Sonny Vonetta McGee
Lainie Wiley Donna Mills
George Beldridge Ed Nelson
Fay Bonelli Jane Wyatt
Jim McCauley Tom Selleck
Gail Green Robin Mattson
Peter Brooks Shelly Novack
Moses Gordine Bubba Smith
Scott Hennerson Dick Butkus
Tony Sicota Michael Pataki
Whitley M. Emmet Walsh

Who Was On The Crew Of Superdome The Movie?

Directing — Director: Jerry Jameson
Production — Producer: William Frye
Writing — Story: Barry Oringer
Writing — Story: Bill Svanoe
Writing — Writer: Barry Oringer

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