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Supremacy Film Information

What's The Movie Supremacy About?

The story centers on paroled white supremacist who has just killed a cop, and takes a black family hostage. Within hours of being released from 14 years of solitary confinement in maximum-security Pelican Bay State Prison, Garrett Tully is on the run again. When he finds a house off a dirt road and takes a family hostage, he thinks the Aryan Brotherhood has his back–and his kidnap victims are black. The family’s patriarch, Mr. Walker, is a jaded ex-con who hates cops so much he disavowed his own son for becoming one. Seeing a familiar desperation in Tully, Walker refuses to call the authorities for help, causing familial tensions to escalate, and soon grave missteps are made.

No One Is Save

What's The Genre Of The Supremacy Movie?

Genres: Crime, Drama

Who Stars In The Supremacy Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Supremacy Released?

Released: June 12, 2014

What's The Runtime Of The Supremacy Movie?

Runtime: 97.0

How Popular Is The Supremacy Movie?

Popularity Rating: 6.850

What Studio(s) Produced The Supremacy Film?

Media House Capital

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Supremacy?

Mr. Walker Danny Glover
Kristen Julie Benz
Garrett Tully Joe Anderson
Doreen Dawn Olivieri
Raymond Derek Luke
Anthony Evan Ross
Mother Lela Rochon
Deputy Rivers Mahershala Ali
Hannity Nick Chinlund
Cassie Robin Bobeau
Jamar Alex Henderson
Gerardi Jenica Bergere
Store Clerk Karan Soni
Pedro Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Reggie Tyrin Turner
Sobecki Anson Mount

Who Was On The Crew Of Supremacy The Movie?

Directing — Director: Deon Taylor
Writing — Writer: Eric J. Adams

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