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The Bannen Way

Watching The Movie The Bannen Way
The Bannen Way Film Information

What's The Movie The Bannen Way About?

The Bannen Way is a slick, sexy, action-packed show about Neal Bannen, a charming con-man with a police chief for a father, a mob boss for an uncle and a weakness for beautiful women, who wants to turn his life around and leave the criminal lifestyle forever.

What's The Genre Of The The Bannen Way Movie?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

Who Stars In The The Bannen Way Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Bannen Way Released?

Released: January 6, 2010

What's The Runtime Of The The Bannen Way Movie?

Runtime: 93.0

How Popular Is The The Bannen Way Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.209

What Studio(s) Produced The The Bannen Way Film?

Sony Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Bannen Way?

Neal Bannen Mark Gantt
Madison Vanessa Marcil
Zeke Gabriel Tigerman
Chief Bannen Michael Ironside
Mr. B Robert Forster
Sonny Ski Carr
Stiletto Brittany Ishibashi
The Mensch Michael Lerner
Bombshell Brianne Davis
Jailbait Autumn Reeser
Margaret Bannen Brynn Thayer
Dimitri Roman Varshavsky
Hans Paul Duke
Finch Dean Kreyling
Francis Jeffrey R. Newman
Jim Jim Dowd
Manni Manuel Urrego
Shnook Andy McPhee
Zeke's Buddy #1 Josh Heisler
Zeke's Buddy #2 Derek Carter
Danielle - Assistant Manager Briana Lane
Allen Haskell Gary Grossman
Catalina Melissa De Sousa
Cute Brunette Katia Kieling
Jailbait's Victim Jesse Warren
NA Speaker Tania Gonzalez
Nurse Erin Cahill
Detective #1 Michael Yavnielli
Detective #2 Peter Leake
Mensch's Wife #1 Holly Weber
Mensch's Wife #2 Catherine Annette
Mensch's Guard Tim Mikulecky
Mensch's Guard Richard King
Strip Club Announcer John Griffin
Stripper Cammie Rita Lee
Stripper #1 Aneliese Roettger
Stripper #2 Inshad Egap
Stripper #3 Kristen Marie Kelly
Stripper #4 Kristia Bonita
Stripper Waitress Shawna Sutherland
Tall Blonde Elena Kolpachikova
Veronica April Rose
J.C. Trilby Jeff Wiesen
Surveillance Tech Wallace Langham
Lingerie Model Eli Jane
Man tied to chair (uncredited) James Logan
Poker Player (uncredited) Dan Olivo

Who Was On The Crew Of The Bannen Way The Movie?

Art — Production Design: George Becket
Art — Set Decoration: KayDee Lavorin
Crew — Cinematography: Roger Chingirian
Crew — Creator: Mark Gantt
Directing — Director: Jesse Warren
Production — Casting: Adrianna Porcaro
Production — Producer: Bailey Williams
Sound — Original Music Composer: Joseph Trapanese
Writing — Writer: Jesse Warren

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