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The Day of the Triffids

Watching The Movie The Day of the Triffids
The Day of the Triffids Film Information

What's The Movie The Day of the Triffids About?

It's an up-to-date setting of the 1951 sci-fi thriller. With the world blinded and the Triffids set loose, it falls upon a band of scattered, sighted survivors to fight this carnivorous plant invasion. With a brave new world of maniacs, warring factions and renegades, the battle on the streets is not only directed at the purple-headed organisms but a battle to survive the sinister street-army headed by megalomaniac Torrence.

The human race has had its day.

What's The Genre Of The The Day of the Triffids Movie?

Genres: Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Who Stars In The The Day of the Triffids Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Day of the Triffids Released?

Released: December 28, 2009

What's The Runtime Of The The Day of the Triffids Movie?

Runtime: 178.0

How Popular Is The The Day of the Triffids Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.752

What Studio(s) Produced The The Day of the Triffids Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Day of the Triffids?

Bill Masen Dougray Scott
Jo Playton Joely Richardson
Torrence Eddie Izzard
Dennis Masen Brian Cox
Durrant Vanessa Redgrave
Troy Troy Glasgow
Barricade Man John White
Coker Jason Priestley
Osman Shane Taylor
Lucy Nora-Jane Noone
Ashdown Adam Sinclair
Doctor Koch Steven Elder
Colonel Tim Frances
Hilda Lizzie Hopley
Old Man Willie Jonah
Jeff William Ilkley
Bill's Mother Kathryn Sumner
Vronsky Paul Chahidi
Young Bill Sammy Williams
Girl in Street Eva Sayer
Girl's Mother Claire-Louise Cordwell
Man in Street Simon Naylor
Man in Street Paul Blair
Blind Police Officer Tony Maudsley
Barricade Police Officer Paul Woodson
Barricade Police Sergeant Scott Baker
Cordelia Rosalind Halstead
Walter Strange Ewen Bremner
Professor Vorless Andreas Hoppe
Susan Jenn Murray
Imogen Julia Joyce
Michelle Beadley Genevieve O'Reilly
Wheelchair Lady Rita Davies
Charlie John Wilson-Goddard
Television Director Simon Lowe
Doctor Raji James
Barricade Woman Stephanie Carey
Australian Reporter Tim Versteegen
Austrian Reporter Karl Fischer
First Hospital Mother Helen Barford
Second Hospital Mother Margo Cargill
Third Hospital Mother Jasmine Jeffery
Fourth Hospital Mother Natasha Alderslade
Fighting Blind Man Forbes KB
Lay Brother Karl Rhodes
Henchman David Buchanan
Torrence's Soldier Greg Bennett
Blind Woman Natalie Hallam
Blind Man Shot by Gates Christian Wolf-La'Moy
Sheryl Reena Lalbihari
Lance Corporal British Army Chris Wilson

Who Was On The Crew Of The Day of the Triffids The Movie?

Crew — Stunts: Stephanie Carey
Directing — Director: Nick Copus
Editing — Editor: Alex Mackie
Production — Production Accountant: John Gaskin
Production — Supervising Producer: John Gaskin
Visual Effects — Visual Effects Supervisor: Doug Campbell
Writing — Writer: John Wyndham
Writing — Writer: Patrick Harbinson

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