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The Green Man

Watching The Movie The Green Man
The Green Man Film Information

What's The Movie The Green Man About?

Work has been going with a bang for freelance assassin Hawkins but a job in England just after the war is a different matter. His apparently easy target, a pompous government minister, is off for some hanky-panky at the Green Man on the south coast, where Hawkins is planning to retire him for good. But before he can get on with this the hit-man has a procession of unwanted visitors at home to dispose of - one way or another.

The Kind of Picture the British Have a Way With...Things Like Very Merry Murders...Very Unusual Characters...Very Sly Sex...And All Combined in an Uproar of Laughs and Suspense

What's The Genre Of The The Green Man Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The The Green Man Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Green Man Released?

Released: December 21, 1956

What's The Runtime Of The The Green Man Movie?

Runtime: 80.0

How Popular Is The The Green Man Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.309

What Studio(s) Produced The The Green Man Film?

United Kingdom

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Green Man?

Hawkins Alastair Sim
William Blake George Cole
Charles Boughtflower Terry-Thomas
Ann Vincent Jill Adams
Sir Gregory Upshott Raymond Huntley
Reginald Willoughby-Cruft Colin Gordon
Marigold Avril Angers
Joan Wood Eileen Moore
Lily Dora Bryan
McKechnie John Chandos
Sergeant Bassett Cyril Chamberlain
Doctor Richard Wattis
Leader of Trio Vivien Wood
Felicity Marie Burke
Annabel Lucy Griffiths
Landlord Arthur Brough
Radio Salesman Arthur Lowe
Chairman Alexander Gauge
General Niva Peter Bull
Statesman Willoughby Goddard
Waiter Michael Ripper
Porter Leslie Weston
Mrs. Bostock Doris Yorke

Who Was On The Crew Of The Green Man The Movie?

Directing — Director: Robert Day
Writing — Writer: Sydney Gillat

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