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The Inner Scar

Watching The Movie The Inner Scar
The Inner Scar Film Information

What's The Movie The Inner Scar About?

A collage of dreams. Garrel made a name for himself with this film as a new Jean Vigo. With Nico (Velvet Underground). A poetic and painterly film that has been described as 'a collage of dreams'. The film was shot without a script, but Garrel had already thought up the eventual title ('the scar inside'). This title was an obsession for him, every shot had to be an expression of 'the scar inside'. Apart from Garrel himself and actor Pierre Clementi, Garrel's former partner Nico, member of the legendary Velvet Underground, played a role in the film. Another important role was for the landscape. Garrel, 23 when he made the film, was compared with Jean Vigo because of his age and talent. La cicatrice intérieure even led Claude Mauriac to call him the Rimbaud of film. (from

A composition of symbolic, surreal and almost mystic images.

What's The Genre Of The The Inner Scar Movie?

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Music

Who Stars In The The Inner Scar Movie?

Starring: Nico, Philippe Garrel

When Was The Motion Picture The Inner Scar Released?

Released: February 2, 1972

What's The Runtime Of The The Inner Scar Movie?

Runtime: 60.0

How Popular Is The The Inner Scar Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.001

What Studio(s) Produced The The Inner Scar Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Inner Scar?

The Woman Nico
Man / Devil Philippe Garrel
Child / LittleBrother Ari Boulogne
Sheperd Daniel Pommereulle
Horseman / Archer Pierre Clementi
Baby Balthazar Clementi
Fire-keeper / King Jean-Pierre Kalfon

Who Was On The Crew Of The Inner Scar The Movie?

Directing — Director: Philippe Garrel
Sound — Music: Nico
Writing — Dialogue: Nico
Writing — Writer: Philippe Garrel

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