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The Law

Watching The Movie The Law
The Law Film Information

What's The Movie The Law About?

A cook turns to theft so she and her lover can marry.


What's The Genre Of The The Law Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The The Law Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Law Released?

Released: January 25, 1959

What's The Runtime Of The The Law Movie?

Runtime: 126.0

How Popular Is The The Law Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.478

What Studio(s) Produced The The Law Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Law?

Marietta Gina Lollobrigida
Don Cesare Pierre Brasseur
Enrico Tosso Marcello Mastroianni
Donna Lucrezia Melina Mercouri
Matteo Brigante Yves Montand
Francesco Brigante Raf Mattioli
Attilio Vittorio Caprioli
Giuseppina Lidia Alfonsi
Pizzaccio Nino Vingelli
Balbo Bruno Carotenuto

Who Was On The Crew Of The Law The Movie?

Directing — Director: Jules Dassin
Writing — Dialogue: Francoise Giroud
Writing — Novel: Roger Vailland
Writing — Writer: Jules Dassin

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