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The Lost Prince

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The Lost Prince Film Information

What's The Movie The Lost Prince About?

The Lost Prince is an acclaimed British television drama about the life of Prince John – youngest child of Britain's King George V and Queen Mary – who died at the age of 13 in 1919. John suffered from epileptic seizures and an autism-like developmental disorder, and the Royal Family tried to shelter him from public view as much as possible; rather than presenting the Royal Family as unsympathetic to the Prince, the film instead shows how much this cost them emotionally (particularly John's mother, Queen Mary). Poliakoff explores the story of John, his relationship with his family, John's brother, Prince George, the political events going on at the time (like the fall of the House of Romanov in 1917) and the love and devotion shown to him by his nanny, Charlotte Bill (known as Lalla), played by Gina McKee.

What's The Genre Of The The Lost Prince Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The The Lost Prince Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Lost Prince Released?

Released: December 18, 2005

What's The Runtime Of The The Lost Prince Movie?

Runtime: 180.0

How Popular Is The The Lost Prince Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.072

What Studio(s) Produced The The Lost Prince Film?


United Kingdom

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Lost Prince?

Prince John (younger) Daniel Williams
Prince John (older) Matthew James Thomas
Young Prince George Brock Everitt-Elwick
Prince George (older) Rollo Weeks
George V Tom Hollander
Charlotte Bill Gina McKee
Queen Mary Miranda Richardson
Stamfordham Bill Nighy
Edward VII Michael Gambon
Queen Alexandra Bibi Andersson
Lloyd George Ron Cook
Asquith Frank Finlay
Mr. Hansell John Sessions
Fred David Westhead
Kaiser Wilhelm David Barrass
Orderly Paul Brennen
Henry James Cook
Dr. Hetherington Jonathan Coy
Callender Graham Crowden
Tsarina Alexandra Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Young Mary Mary Nighy

Who Was On The Crew Of The Lost Prince The Movie?

Directing — Director: Stephen Poliakoff
Writing — Writer: Stephen Poliakoff

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