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The Maltese Bippy

Watching The Movie The Maltese Bippy
The Maltese Bippy Film Information

What's The Movie The Maltese Bippy About?

A man buys a house and comes to believe that not only is the house haunted by werewolves, but a family of vampires lives next door.

What's The Genre Of The The Maltese Bippy Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Who Stars In The The Maltese Bippy Movie?

Starring: Dan Rowan, Dick Martin

When Was The Motion Picture The Maltese Bippy Released?

Released: June 18, 1969

What's The Runtime Of The The Maltese Bippy Movie?

Runtime: 92.0

How Popular Is The The Maltese Bippy Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.002

What Studio(s) Produced The The Maltese Bippy Film?

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Maltese Bippy?

Sam Smith Dan Rowan
Ernest Grey Dick Martin
Robin Sherwood Carol Lynley
Carlotta Ravenswood Julie Newmar
Molly Fletcher Mildred Natwick
Mischa Ravenswood Fritz Weaver
Lt. Tim Crane Robert Reed
Sgt. Kelvaney Dana Elcar
Axel Kronstadt Leon Askin
Adolph Springer Alan Oppenheimer
Joanna Clay Jennifer Bishop

Who Was On The Crew Of The Maltese Bippy The Movie?

Directing — Director: Norman Panama
Writing — Screenplay: Everett Freeman
Writing — Screenplay: Ray Singer
Writing — Story: Everett Freeman

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