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The Public Eye

Watching The Movie The Public Eye
The Public Eye Film Information

What's The Movie The Public Eye About?

A crime photographer gets involved in a conspiracy.

Murder. Scandal. Crime. No matter what he was shooting, "The Great Bernzini" never took sides, he only took pictures... Except once.

What's The Genre Of The The Public Eye Movie?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Who Stars In The The Public Eye Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Public Eye Released?

Released: January 1, 1992

What's The Runtime Of The The Public Eye Movie?

Runtime: 99.0

How Popular Is The The Public Eye Movie?

Popularity Rating: 6.269

What Studio(s) Produced The The Public Eye Film?

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Public Eye?

Leon Bernstein Joe Pesci
Kay Levitz Barbara Hershey
Officer O'Brien Richard Riehle
Sal Stanley Tucci
Young Cop Bryan Travis Smith
Teen at Thompson Street Max Brooks
Thompson Street Photographer Richard Schiff
Puerto Rican Woman Laura Ceron
Cop at Puerto Rican Tenement Chuck Gillespie
Ambulance Attendant Christian Stolte
Photo Editor Jack Denbo
Lonely Woman at Drugstore Ellen McElduff
Rineman's Receptionist Marge Kotlisky
Richard Rineman Timothy Hendrickson
H.R. Rineman Del Close
Cafe Society Photographer Henry Bolzon
Spoleto Dominic Chianese
Arthur Nabler Jerry Adler
Mr. Brown Ian Abercrombie

Who Was On The Crew Of The Public Eye The Movie?

Directing — Director: Howard Franklin
Writing — Writer: Howard Franklin

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