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The Return of Jafar

Watching The Movie The Return of Jafar
The Return of Jafar Film Information

What's The Movie The Return of Jafar About?

The evil Jafar escapes from the magic lamp as an all-powerful genie, ready to plot his revenge against Aladdin. From battling elusive villains atop winged horses, to dodging flames inside an exploding lava pit, it's up to Aladdin - with Princess Jasmine and the outrageously funny Genie by his side - to save the kingdom once and for all.

The Aladdin adventure continues...

What's The Collection The The Return of Jafar Movie Belongs to?

Aladdin Collection

What's The Genre Of The The Return of Jafar Movie?

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family, Romance

Who Stars In The The Return of Jafar Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Return of Jafar Released?

Released: December 15, 1994

What's The Runtime Of The The Return of Jafar Movie?

Runtime: 69.0

How Popular Is The The Return of Jafar Movie?

Popularity Rating: 12.100

What Studio(s) Produced The The Return of Jafar Film?

Walt Disney Television Animation

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Return of Jafar?

Aladdin (voice) Scott Weinger
Princess Jasmine (voice) Linda Larkin
Jafar (voice) Jonathan Freeman
Iago (voice) Gilbert Gottfried
Genie (voice) Dan Castellaneta
Abu the Monkey (voice) Frank Welker
The Sultan of Agrabah (voice) Val Bettin
Abis Mal - the Chief of the Thieves (voice) Jason Alexander
Thief (voice) Jeff Bennett
Street Mother (voice) B. J. Ward
Razoul (voice) Jim Cummings

Who Was On The Crew Of The Return of Jafar The Movie?

Crew — Additional Music: Carl Johnson
Crew — Additional Music: Harvey Cohen
Crew — Additional Music: J. Eric Schmidt
Crew — Additional Music: John Given
Crew — Additional Music: Thomas Richard Sharp
Crew — Post Production Supervisor: Joe Hathaway
Crew — Post-Production Manager: Cheryl Murphy
Directing — Director: Alan Zaslove
Directing — Director: Tad Stones
Directing — Director: Toby Shelton
Directing — Script Supervisor: Anita Lish
Editing — Assistant Editor: Christopher K. Gee
Editing — Assistant Editor: Susan Edmunson
Editing — Editor: Elen Orson
Production — Associate Producer: Maia Mattise
Production — Producer: Alan Zaslove
Production — Producer: Tad Stones
Production — Production Manager: Selma Gladney
Sound — Foley: Catherine Rowe
Sound — Foley: Joan Rowe
Sound — Music Editor: Dominick Certo
Sound — Music Editor: Liz Lachman
Sound — Original Music Composer: Mark Watters
Sound — Songs: Bill Elliott
Sound — Sound Editor: Avram D. Gold
Sound — Sound Editor: Dean Beville
Sound — Sound Editor: Donald Flick
Sound — Sound Editor: James Christopher
Sound — Sound Editor: John Dunn
Sound — Sound Editor: Mike Chock
Sound — Sound Editor: R.J. Kizer
Sound — Sound Editor: Teresa Eckton
Sound — Sound Mixer: Alan Snelling
Sound — Sound Mixer: Bruce Botnick
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: David J. Hudson
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Mel Metcalfe
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Terry Porter
Sound — Supervising Sound Editor: Patricia Carlin
Sound — Supervising Sound Editor: Stephen Hunter Flick
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Dale Case
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Ian Harrowell
Visual Effects — Animation Director: John Kimball
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Kazuo Terada
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Marsh Lamore
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Rick Leon
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Saburo Hashimoto
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Steve Trenbirth
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Takamitsu Kawamura
Visual Effects — Animation Director: Warwick Gilbert
Writing — Characters: Dana Landsberg
Writing — Characters: Kenny Thompkins
Writing — Story: Bob Schooley
Writing — Story: Doug Langdale
Writing — Story: Duane Capizzi
Writing — Story: Mark McCorkle
Writing — Story: Tad Stones
Writing — Storyboard: Chris Rutkowski
Writing — Storyboard: Dave Prince
Writing — Storyboard: Denise Koyama
Writing — Storyboard: John Flagg
Writing — Storyboard: Kurt Anderson
Writing — Storyboard: Lonnie Lloyd
Writing — Storyboard: Phil Weinstein
Writing — Storyboard: Ryan Anthony
Writing — Storyboard: Victor Cook
Writing — Storyboard: Wendell Washer
Writing — Storyboard: Will Finn
Writing — Writer: Bill Motz
Writing — Writer: Bob Roth
Writing — Writer: Brian Swenlin
Writing — Writer: Dev Ross
Writing — Writer: Jan Strnad
Writing — Writer: Kevin D. Campbell
Writing — Writer: Mirith J.S. Colao
Writing — Writer: Steve Roberts

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