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The Seventh Bullet

Watching The Movie The Seventh Bullet
The Seventh Bullet Film Information

What's The Movie The Seventh Bullet About?

Despite the restoration of Soviet power in the area, Basmachis continue to arrive from across the border, bringing death and destruction to peaceful villages. One of the bands of rebels is led by Khairulla who is pitted against the militsiya (local militia) leader Maxumov. At first it seems hopeless for Maxumov as the rebels capture most of his men, winning them over to his side. He has only one strategy left; to give himself up, and try to explain to the people that Khairulla has deceived them, turning the soldiers back to revolution. Later in pursuit of his enemy, he chases Khairulla across a river. He has only one bullet left -- the seventh, and he must not miss his target!

What's The Genre Of The The Seventh Bullet Movie?

Genres: Adventure, War

Who Stars In The The Seventh Bullet Movie?

Starring: Dilorom Kambarova

When Was The Motion Picture The Seventh Bullet Released?

Released: April 30, 1973

What's The Runtime Of The The Seventh Bullet Movie?

Runtime: 79.0

How Popular Is The The Seventh Bullet Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.036

What Studio(s) Produced The The Seventh Bullet Film?



Who Was On The Crew Of The Seventh Bullet The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Emonuel Kalantarov
Camera — Director of Photography: Aleksandr Pann
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Rustam Khamdamov
Directing — Director: Ali Khamrayev
Writing — Writer: Andrei Konchalovsky
Writing — Writer: Fridrikh Gorenshteyn

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