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The Shanghai Gesture

Watching The Movie The Shanghai Gesture
The Shanghai Gesture Film Information

What's The Movie The Shanghai Gesture About?

A gambling queen uses blackmail to stop a British financier from closing her Chinese clip joint.

Mystery-lure of the Far East!

What's The Genre Of The The Shanghai Gesture Movie?

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Who Stars In The The Shanghai Gesture Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Shanghai Gesture Released?

Released: December 25, 1941

What's The Runtime Of The The Shanghai Gesture Movie?

Runtime: 99.0

How Popular Is The The Shanghai Gesture Movie?

Popularity Rating: 9.090

What Studio(s) Produced The The Shanghai Gesture Film?

Arnold Pressburger Films, United Artists

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Shanghai Gesture?

Victoria Charteris Gene Tierney
Sir Guy Charteris Walter Huston
Doctor Omar Victor Mature
'Mother' Gin Sling Ona Munson
Dixie Pomeroy Phyllis Brooks
Van Elst Albert Bassermann
The Amah Maria Ouspenskaya
Caesar Hawkins Eric Blore
Boris Ivan Lebedeff
The Coolie Mike Mazurki
Percival Montgomery Hower Clyde Fillmore
Lady Blessington Grayce Hampton
The Counselor Rex Evans
The Appraiser Mikhail Rasumny
The Bartender Michael Dalmatoff
The Master of the Spinning Wheel Marcel Dalio
Poppy's Escort John Abbott

Who Was On The Crew Of The Shanghai Gesture The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Boris Leven
Camera — Director of Photography: Paul Ivano
Directing — Director: Josef von Sternberg
Editing — Editor: Sam Winston
Production — Producer: Albert de Courville
Production — Producer: Arnold Pressburger
Sound — Original Music Composer: Richard Hageman
Writing — Adaptation: Josef von Sternberg
Writing — Theatre Play: John Colton
Writing — Writer: Geza Herczeg
Writing — Writer: James M. Cain
Writing — Writer: Josef von Sternberg
Writing — Writer: Jules Furthman
Writing — Writer: Karl Vollmoller

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