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The Stepdaughter

Watching The Movie The Stepdaughter
The Stepdaughter Film Information

What's The Movie The Stepdaughter About?

After a childhood spent going from one abusive foster home to the next, Susan seeks revenge on the mother who abandoned her. Susan's search leads her to a ranch where her long-lost sister begins to suspect the beautiful drifter isn't who she claims.

What's The Genre Of The The Stepdaughter Movie?

Genres: Horror

Who Stars In The The Stepdaughter Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Stepdaughter Released?

Released: October 31, 2000

What's The Runtime Of The The Stepdaughter Movie?

Runtime: 92.0

How Popular Is The The Stepdaughter Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.944

What Studio(s) Produced The The Stepdaughter Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Stepdaughter?

Susan Heller Andrea Roth
Linda Conner Lisa Dean Ryan
Buddy Conner Jaimz Woolvett
Maggie Conner Cindy Pickett
Jesse Conner Gil Gerard
Paris Gary Hudson
Deputy Tom Gitlin Lee Dawson
Nurse Calista Davis Bonita Friedericy
Receptionist Christopher Kriesa
Ms. Clements Cherie Franklin
Plumber / Conrad Peter Liapis

Who Was On The Crew Of The Stepdaughter The Movie?

Directing — Director: Peter Liapis
Production — Associate Producer: Andrea Roth
Production — Co-Producer: Cyndi Pass
Production — Producer: Pierre David
Writing — Screenplay: Richard Dana Smith
Writing — Screenplay: Suzanne Dolan
Writing — Story: Cyndi Pass

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