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The Vampire Lovers

Watching The Movie The Vampire Lovers
The Vampire Lovers Film Information

What's The Movie The Vampire Lovers About?

In the heart of Styria the Karnstein Family, even after their mortal deaths, rise from their tombs spreading evil in the countryside in their lust for fresh blood. Baron Hartog whose family are all victims of Karnstein vampirism, opens their graves and drives a stake through their diabolical hearts. One grave he cannot locate is that of the legendary beautiful Mircalla Karnstein. Years of peace follow that grisly night until Mircalla reappears to avenge her family's decimation and satisfy her desire for blood.

An erotic nightmare of tormented lusts that throb in headless, undead bodies!

What's The Collection The The Vampire Lovers Movie Belongs to?

Vampire Karnstein (Hammer series)

What's The Genre Of The The Vampire Lovers Movie?

Genres: Horror

Who Stars In The The Vampire Lovers Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Vampire Lovers Released?

Released: October 4, 1970

What's The Runtime Of The The Vampire Lovers Movie?

Runtime: 91.0

How Popular Is The The Vampire Lovers Movie?

Popularity Rating: 3.448

What Studio(s) Produced The The Vampire Lovers Film?

Hammer Film Productions

United Kingdom

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Vampire Lovers?

Marcilla Ingrid Pitt
General von Spielsdorf Peter Cushing
Roger Morton George Cole
The Governess (Mme. Perrodot) Kate O'Mara
Doctor Ferdy Mayne
Baron Joachim von Hartog Douglas Wilmer
Emma Morton Madeline Smith
The Countess Dawn Addams
Laura Pippa Steel
Carl Ebhardt Jon Finch
First Vampire Kirsten Lindholm
Man in Black John Forbes-Robertson

Who Was On The Crew Of The Vampire Lovers The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Scott MacGregor
Camera — Director of Photography: Moray Grant
Directing — Director: Roy Ward Baker
Editing — Editor: James Needs
Production — Producer: Harry Fine
Production — Producer: Michael Style
Sound — Original Music Composer: Harry Robertson
Writing — Adaptation: Harry Fine
Writing — Adaptation: Michael Style
Writing — Adaptation: Tudor Gates
Writing — Novel: Sheridan Le Fanu
Writing — Screenplay: Tudor Gates

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