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The White Massai

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The White Massai Film Information

What's The Movie The White Massai About?

A girl, Carola, whose vacation in Kenya takes an interesting turn when she becomes infatuated with a Masai. Carola decides to leave her boyfriend to stay with her lover. There, she has to adapt to the Masai's way of life and get used to their food which includes milk mixed with blood. She also has to face her husband's attitude towards women and what he expects from a wife. Nonetheless, Carola is welcomed warmly into the tribe she has chosen to join.

What's The Genre Of The The White Massai Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The The White Massai Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The White Massai Released?

Released: September 14, 2005

What's The Runtime Of The The White Massai Movie?

Runtime: 131.0

How Popular Is The The White Massai Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.195

What Studio(s) Produced The The White Massai Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The White Massai?

Who Was On The Crew Of The White Massai The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Martin Langer
Crew — Script: Ruth Toma
Directing — Director: Hermine Huntgeburth
Production — Producer: Gunter Rohrbach
Sound — Original Music Composer: Niki Reiser
Writing — Novel: Corinne Hofmann
Writing — Screenplay: Gunter Rohrbach
Writing — Screenplay: Hermine Huntgeburth
Writing — Screenplay: Johannes W. Betz

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