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The Wild One

Watching The Movie The Wild One
The Wild One Film Information

What's The Movie The Wild One About?

A gang of forty motorcyclists, the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, gate-crash a legitimate motorcycle race. They are eventually thrown out, but one of the gang steals the second prize trophy and gives it to their leader, Johnny.

Hot feelings hit terrifying heights in a story that really boils over!

What's The Genre Of The The Wild One Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The The Wild One Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture The Wild One Released?

Released: December 30, 1953

What's The Runtime Of The The Wild One Movie?

Runtime: 79.0

How Popular Is The The Wild One Movie?

Popularity Rating: 12.055

What Studio(s) Produced The The Wild One Film?

Stanley Kramer Productions

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture The Wild One?

Johnny Strabler Marlon Brando
Kathie Bleeker Mary Murphy
Harry Bleeker Robert Keith
Chino Lee Marvin
Chino's Boy #1 (uncredited) Timothy Carey
Sheriff Stew Singer Jay C. Flippen
Frank Bleeker Ray Teal
Charlie Thomas Hugh Sanders
Mildred Peggy Maley
Art Kleiner Will Wright
Jimmy William Vedder
Britches Yvonne Doughty
Pigeon Alvy Moore
Dextro Jerry Paris
Motorcycle Race Official John Doucette
Deputy Mort Mills
Dorothy Eve March
Ben Robert Osterloh

Who Was On The Crew Of The Wild One The Movie?

Directing — Director: Laszlo Benedek
Writing — Novel: Frank Rooney
Writing — Screenplay: John Paxton

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