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Thumbtanic Film Information

What's The Movie Thumbtanic About?

Short-subject movie parodies with casts completely comprised of the digits. Released in 1999, Thumbtanic gives the thumb-treatment to James Cameron's box-office and Oscar juggernaut Titanic and features the voice talents of Mary Jo Keenan and Mark DeCarlo, among others.

A story of Thumbs. A story of love. A story of a very poorly steered ship.

What's The Collection The Thumbtanic Movie Belongs to?

Thumbs! Collection

What's The Genre Of The Thumbtanic Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Thumbtanic Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Thumbtanic Released?

Released: July 7, 2000

What's The Runtime Of The Thumbtanic Movie?

Runtime: 26.0

How Popular Is The Thumbtanic Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.872

What Studio(s) Produced The Thumbtanic Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Thumbtanic?

Jake / Designer / Stevine Odion / 'We've Been Hit' (voice) Steve Oedekerk
Geranium / Old Geranium (voice) Mary Jo Keenen
The Captain / 'Lovely Ship' Steward / Lice Checker #1 (voice) Paul Greenberg
Mr. Prickle / Bartender / Lice Checker #2 (voice) Rob Paulsen
The Interviewer / TV Anchor / Elvis / Lookout #2 / Rich Man at Dinner / 'Shuffle Board Finals?' (voice) Mark DeCarlo
Submarine Pilot / Excited One-Eyed Thumb / Lookout #3 (voice) Tony Pyle
'All Aboard' Steward / 'Good Gravy, What a Ship!' / 'Lovely Ship' Balloon Head (voice) Eric Trueheart
What a Lovely Big Ship!' / 'We're Going Down! (voice) Jenny Rose
It's a Big Ship!' / Bedwetter / 'I Wet Myself (voice) Joe Liss
Ship Must go on for Miles (voice) Heidi Fugeman
It's a Big Ship (voice) Tim Tarkinan
Baldie the Thumb Wrestler / Lookout #1 / Boiler Room Guy #2 / 'Next' Steward / Boiler Room Guy #2 / Lookout #1 / Sex Change Buyer / 'It's a Gigantic Spider!' / Budget Saving Man (voice) David Floyd
Geranium's Servant / Rich Woman at Dinner / Budget Saving Man's Wife (voice) Megan Cavanagh
Dentist / Boiler Room Guy #1 / Baby and Sex Change Barker / 'I Can't Swim!' (voice) Jim Jackman
I'm Really a Woman / Lookout #4 / Life Jacket Guy (voice) Jim Hope
We're Sinking! (voice) Matthew Aufdenspring
No We Can't Be Sinking (voice) Mary Mares
Baby Buyer / Piano Man (voice) John Laus

Who Was On The Crew Of Thumbtanic The Movie?

Directing — Director: Todd Portugal
Writing — Writer: Steve Oedekerk

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