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Totally Awesome

Watching The Movie Totally Awesome
Totally Awesome Film Information

What's The Movie Totally Awesome About?

Do you prefer to wax on or wax off? Preacher won't let you dance? Well then, put Baby in the corner and come on down, 'cause VH1 is bringing back more of the'80s you love in this feature-length film, Totally Awesome. The Gundersons have just moved across the country and the kids - Charlie, Lori, and Max - are trying their best to acclimate themselves into a new school and all kinds of dilemmas therein: the need to dance, the pitfalls of young love, the quest for popularity, scientific genius and of course the quirky but loveable Japanese gardener. Totally Awesome takes all your favorite '80s-flick mainstays and weaves them into the biggest and baddest plotline ever conceived. Tot say it is radical would be an understatement.

What's The Genre Of The Totally Awesome Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Totally Awesome Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Totally Awesome Released?

Released: November 7, 2006

What's The Runtime Of The Totally Awesome Movie?

Runtime: 94.0

How Popular Is The Totally Awesome Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.493

What Studio(s) Produced The Totally Awesome Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Totally Awesome?

Maxamillion Gunderson Trevor Heins
Lori Dominique Swain
Gabriel Chris Kattan
Kimberly Brittany Daniel
Billie Nicki Clyne
Mr. Yamagashi James Hong
Mrs. Gunderson Teryl Rothery
Mr. Gunderson Greg Kean
Kipp Joey Kern
Darnell Tracy Morgan
Pretty Girl Crystal Lowe

Who Was On The Crew Of Totally Awesome The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Graeme Murray
Camera — Director of Photography: Todd Elyzen
Crew — Choreographer: Paul Becker
Directing — Director: Neal Brennan
Directing — Script Supervisor: Debbie Divine
Directing — Script Supervisor: Shane B. Scott
Editing — Editor: Edward Chin
Production — Casting: Nancy Nayor
Production — Casting: Natasha Cuba
Production — Casting: Sean Cossey
Production — Casting: Stuart Aikins
Production — Producer: Donald L. West
Sound — Music: James Poyser
Writing — Writer: Michael Schur
Writing — Writer: Neal Brennan

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