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Tunnel Vision

Watching The Movie Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision Film Information

What's The Movie Tunnel Vision About?

A committee investigating TV's first uncensored network examines a typical day's programming, which includes shows, commercials, news programs, you name it. What they discover will surely crack you up! This outrageous and irreverent spoof of television launched the careers of some of the greatest comedians of all time.

Laugh or get off the pot.

What's The Genre Of The Tunnel Vision Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Tunnel Vision Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Tunnel Vision Released?

Released: March 12, 1976

What's The Runtime Of The Tunnel Vision Movie?

Runtime: 70.0

How Popular Is The Tunnel Vision Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.141

What Studio(s) Produced The Tunnel Vision Film?

International Harmony

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Tunnel Vision?

Christian A. Broder Phil Proctor
Senator McMannus Howard Hesseman
Senator Polanski Dan Barrows
Proctologist Stephen Feinberg
Himself Chevy Chase
Cooper John Candy
Tom Tom Davis
Dr. Manuel Labor Ron Silver
Quant O'Neill / Subway Reporter / Announcer Ernie Anderson
Man at breakfast / Doctor Kurt Andon
Pierre Skooche / Son Lorry Goldman
Marie Lynne Marie Stewart
Freddie Gerrit Graham
Street Attendant Pamela Toll
Father Pamela Toll
Bridgit Bert Richards Betty Thomas
Carl Michaelevich Joe Flaherty
Carol / Butch Girl Mary McCusker
Skipper Pat Proft
Dwayne Murphy Dunne
Dr. Holcomb Murphy Dunne
Smilin' Ed McDonnelly Bart Williams
Henry Kissinger Roger Bowen
Walter Christopher Ray
Al Al Franken
Girl / Mrs. Pat Borzak / Announcer Nellie Bellflower
Winfield Carmichael Frank von Zerneck
Pregnant Man Doug Steckler
Weather Girl Rebecca Brooks
Francis X. Cody William Schallert
Ralph Stevens Howard Storm
CIA Man / R.C. Call Bob McClurg
Father Michael Mislove
Mother Julie Mannix
Son Francis von Zerneck
Daughter Danielle von Zerneck
Sonja Laraine Newman
Victor Bill Saluga
Guard Rigg Kennedy
Rabbi Rabinowitz / Hippie #2 Neal Israel
Lieutenant / Herb Mealy Rod Gist
Bill Guy Larry Gelman
Barry Flanken Danny Goldman
Player-Announcer Joe Roth
Archbishop Dody Dorn
Announcer William Woodson
Announcer Dick Tufeld

Who Was On The Crew Of Tunnel Vision The Movie?

Crew — Cinematography: Don Knight
Directing — Director: Bradley R. Swirnoff
Directing — Director: Neal Israel
Production — Producer: Joe Roth
Writing — Writer: Michael Mislove
Writing — Writer: Neal Israel

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