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Vampires in Havana

Watching The Movie Vampires in Havana
Vampires in Havana Film Information

What's The Movie Vampires in Havana About?

Scientists Werner Amadeus, son of Count Dracula, develops an anti-sun formula for vampires. He moves to Cuba with his nephew Joseph Emanuel. Joseph grows up drinking the formula and forgets his origin, becoming Pepe, a trumpet player mixed up with revolutionaries in 1933 Havana. Soon he will be in the centre of a dispute for his uncle's formula between vampire factions from the USA: the Capa Nostra Society and from Europe: the Vampiro Group.

Not since FRITZ THE CAT has there been such a freewheeling sexy cartoon romp!

What's The Genre Of The Vampires in Havana Movie?

Genres: Action, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Foreign, Horror, Science Fiction

Who Stars In The Vampires in Havana Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Vampires in Havana Released?

Released: July 30, 1985

What's The Runtime Of The Vampires in Havana Movie?

Runtime: 80.0

How Popular Is The Vampires in Havana Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.035

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Vampires in Havana?

Pepito / Smiley / Al Tapone / Actor in Vampire Movie (voice) Frank Gonzalez
Lola (voice) Irela Bravo
Johnny Terrori / Vampiro negro / Actor in Vampire Movie (voice) Manuel Marin
Tio Werner Amadeus Von Dracula (voice) Carlos Gonzalez
(voice) Mirella Guillot
(voice) Carmen Solar
(voice) Juan Padron
Actress in Vampire Movie Margarita Aguero
Onkel (voice) Friedrich W. Bauschulte
(voice) Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Pepe (voice) Detlef Bierstedt
(voice) Sonja Deutsch
Gattin (voice) Joseline Gassen
(voice) Helmut GauSs
(voice) Manfred Grite

Who Was On The Crew Of Vampires in Havana The Movie?

Art — Background Designer: Modesto Garcia
Art — Painter: Gisela Gonzalez
Camera — Camera Operator: Adalberto Hernandez
Directing — Director: Juan Padron
Editing — Editor: Rosa Maria Carreras
Production — Producer: Paco Prats
Sound — Music: Rembert Egues
Visual Effects — Animation: Jose Reyes
Visual Effects — Animation: Mario Garcia Montes
Visual Effects — Animation: Noel Lima

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