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When Saturday Comes

Watching The Movie When Saturday Comes
When Saturday Comes Film Information

What's The Movie When Saturday Comes About?

Jimmy Muir comes from a typical gritty, northern town where there are only two options: working down the pit or in a factory. But Jimmy has other ideas - he dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Confronted by a bitter and unsupportive father, hard drinking friends and a lifetime of bad habits...has Jimmy the will to achieve his ultimate goal?

To Jimmy Life Was Just A Gamble...Until The Game Became His Life!

What's The Genre Of The When Saturday Comes Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The When Saturday Comes Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture When Saturday Comes Released?

Released: March 1, 1996

What's The Runtime Of The When Saturday Comes Movie?

Runtime: 95.0

How Popular Is The When Saturday Comes Movie?

Popularity Rating: 7.261

What Studio(s) Produced The When Saturday Comes Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture When Saturday Comes?

Jimmy Muir Sean Bean
Annie Doherty Emily Lloyd
Russell Muir Craig Kelly
Ken Jackson Pete Postlethwaite
Joe Muir John McEnery
Sarah Muir Ann Bell
Mary Muir Melanie Hill
Mac Chris Walker
Tommy Peter Gunn
Bullneck Bill Stewart
M.C John Henshaw
Jack Kershaw Steve Huison
Steve Tim Gallagher
Rob John Higgins
Norman the Foreman Douglas McFerran
Brewery Worker Paul Kemp
Brewery Worker Nick Conway
Brewery Worker John Tams
Brewery Worker Andrew Shepherd
Fred Dave Hill
Judd Freddie Fletcher
Factory Boss Alex Norton
Tina Tracy Shaw
Careers Officer Ken Kitson
George McCabe James McKenna
Himself Tony Currie
Supporter Andrew Livingston
Priest David Leland
Captain Mel Starland
Mrs Doherty Philipa Howell
Mabel Rita May
Stripper Rebecca Nichols
Miner Chris Cooke

Who Was On The Crew Of When Saturday Comes The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Grant Cameron
Directing — Director: Maria Giese
Editing — Editor: George Akers
Production — Producer: Christopher Lambert
Production — Producer: James Daly
Production — Producer: Meir Teper
Sound — Original Music Composer: Anne Dudley
Writing — Screenplay: James Daly
Writing — Screenplay: Maria Giese

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