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Where Are My Children?

Watching The Movie Where Are My Children?
Where Are My Children? Film Information

What's The Movie Where Are My Children? About?

While prosecuting a physician for the death of a client after an abortion, the district attorney discovers that his wife helped her society friends and the daughter of her maid obtain and pay for abortions from the physician (and was perhaps herself also a client).

What's The Genre Of The Where Are My Children? Movie?

Genres: Drama

Who Stars In The Where Are My Children? Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Where Are My Children? Released?

Released: April 16, 1916

What's The Runtime Of The Where Are My Children? Movie?

Runtime: 62.0

How Popular Is The Where Are My Children? Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.616

What Studio(s) Produced The Where Are My Children? Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Where Are My Children??

District Attorney Richard Walton (as Mr. Tyrone Power) Tyrone Power Sr.
Mrs. Richard Walton Helen Riaume
Mrs. William Carlo Marie Walcamp
The Waltons' Housekeeper Cora Drew
Lillian, the Housekeeper's Daughter Rena Rogers
Roger - Mrs. Walton's Brother A.D. Blake
Dr. Herman Malfit Juan de la Cruz
Dr. William Homer C. Norman Hammond
Richard's Brother-in-Law - a Eugenic Husband William J. Hope
Richard's Sister - a Eugenic Wife Marjorie Blynn
Dr. Gilding William Haben
Judge (uncredited) George Berrell
The Waltons' Maid (uncredited) Mary MacLaren
Man on Street (uncredited) Andy MacLennan

Who Was On The Crew Of Where Are My Children? The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Allen G. Siegler
Camera — Director of Photography: Stephen S. Norton
Directing — Assistant Director: Rex Hodge
Directing — Director: Lois Weber
Directing — Director: Phillips Smalley
Production — Producer: Lois Weber
Production — Producer: Phillips Smalley
Writing — Story: Franklin Hall
Writing — Story: Lucy Payton
Writing — Writer: Lois Weber
Writing — Writer: Phillips Smalley

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