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Who Gets the Dog?

Watching The Movie Who Gets the Dog?
Who Gets the Dog? Film Information

What's The Movie Who Gets the Dog? About?

A couple going through a divorce squabble over custody of their beloved dog.

Breakups can be woof!

What's The Genre Of The Who Gets the Dog? Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Who Gets the Dog? Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Who Gets the Dog? Released?

Released: October 6, 2016

What's The Runtime Of The Who Gets the Dog? Movie?

Runtime: 95.0

How Popular Is The Who Gets the Dog? Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.651

What Studio(s) Produced The Who Gets the Dog? Film?

2DS Productions

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Who Gets the Dog??

Olive Greene Alicia Silverstone
Clay Lonnergan Ryan Kwanten
Glenn Hannon Randall Batinkoff
Libby Rachel Cerda
Festival Organizer Suzy Brack
Rhett Matty Ryan
Festival attendee Christine A. Donnelly
Nurse Reed Michele Sweeney Abrams
Dr. Wendy Amy J. Carle
Attorney Asta Razma
Bartholomew Danny Rhodes
Festival Attendee Christopher Kahler
Coach Scott Silver
Homeless Drug Addict Patrick Zielinski
Glen Paul Rawson
Doctor Lamar Curtis
Court Baliff Chris P. Demetriou
Divorce Attorney J. Anthony Kopec
EMT Aaron Blake
Festival attendee Emer Gomez
Festival Attendee Lindsay Teske
Picture Car / Pedestrian Tony Domino
Annalise Day Lorena Diaz

Who Was On The Crew Of Who Gets the Dog? The Movie?

Directing — Director: Huck Botko
Writing — Writer: Matt JL Wheeler
Writing — Writer: Rick Rapoza

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