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Yes, Madam

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Yes, Madam Film Information

What's The Movie Yes, Madam About?

Asprin (Mang Hoi) and Strepsil (John Shum), two petty thieves who inadvertently become involved in a murder case when they steal items belonging to a murdered man. The man had hidden an important microfilm in his passport, which the thieves pass onto a forger friend Panadol (Tsui Hark). Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) is assigned to the case, along with Inspector Morris (Cynthia Rothrock) from Scotland Yard! The investigation leads the cops to the bumbling crooks and soon they are on Triad leader Tin's (James Tien) tail, he will stop at nothing to get the incriminating film back and with his hitman and bodyguard (Dick Wei) at his side, he proves too much for the inspectors to catch using legal means, in frustration they give up their badges and go after Tin alone.

What's The Collection The Yes, Madam Movie Belongs to?

In the Line of Duty Collection

What's The Genre Of The Yes, Madam Movie?

Genres: Action, Foreign

Who Stars In The Yes, Madam Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Yes, Madam Released?

Released: January 1, 1985

What's The Runtime Of The Yes, Madam Movie?

Runtime: 93.0

How Popular Is The Yes, Madam Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.060

What Studio(s) Produced The Yes, Madam Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Yes, Madam?

Senior Inspector Ng Michelle Yeoh
Senior Insp. Carrie Morris Cynthia Rothrock
Sifu Sammo Hung
Weak Heart Richard Ng
Asprin Mang Hoi
Strepsil John Shum Kin-Fun
Panadol Tsui Hark
Big Moustache/Mad Dog Chung Fat
Dick Dick Wei
Wong Melvin Wong
Bartender Dennis Chan
Beat Cop Wu Ma
Goh/Frankie Fruit Chan
Officer Bo Tai Bo
Henry Tin Wai Keung James Tien
Sifu's roommate David Chiang
Policeman [extra] Corey Yuen Kwai
Henry's thug Chin Ka-Lok
Ah Tung (armored car thief) [cameo] Lam Wai

Who Was On The Crew Of Yes, Madam The Movie?

Crew — Martial Arts Choreographer: Corey Yuen Kwai
Crew — Martial Arts Choreographer: Mang Hoi
Directing — Director: Corey Yuen Kwai
Production — Producer: Sammo Hung
Writing — Writer: Barry Wong

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