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You Can't Take It With You

Watching The Movie You Can't Take It With You
You Can't Take It With You Film Information

What's The Movie You Can't Take It With You About?

Alice, the only relatively normal member of the eccentric Sycamore family, falls in love with Tony Kirby. His wealthy banker father, Anthony P. Kirby, and his snobbish mother, strongly disapprove of the match. When the Kirbys are invited to dinner to become better acquainted with their future in-laws, things do not turn out the way Alice had hoped.


What's The Genre Of The You Can't Take It With You Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The You Can't Take It With You Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture You Can't Take It With You Released?

Released: August 23, 1938

What's The Runtime Of The You Can't Take It With You Movie?

Runtime: 126.0

How Popular Is The You Can't Take It With You Movie?

Popularity Rating: 4.371

What Studio(s) Produced The You Can't Take It With You Film?

Columbia Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture You Can't Take It With You?

Alice Sycamore Jean Arthur
Grandpa Martin Vanderhof Lionel Barrymore
Tony Kirby James Stewart
Anthony P. Kirby Edward Arnold
Boris Kolenkhov Mischa Auer
Essie Carmichael Ann Miller
Penny Sycamore Spring Byington
Paul Sycamore Samuel S. Hinds
Mr. Poppins Donald Meek
Mr. Ramsey H.B. Warner
Mr. DePinna Halliwell Hobbes
Ed Carmichael Dub Taylor
Mrs. Anthony P. Kirby Mary Forbes
Rheba Lillian Yarbo
Donald Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
John Blakely Clarence Wilson
Professor Josef Swickard
Maggie O'Neill Ann Doran
Schmidt Christian Rub
Mrs. Schmidt Bodil Rosing
Henderson Charles Lane
Judge Harry Davenport
Henry - the Head Waiter (uncredited) Irving Bacon
Mike - the Detective (uncredited) Ward Bond
Chief Detective (uncredited) James Burke
Plainclothes Policeman (uncredited) Eddy Chandler
Miss Jones - Blakely's Secretary (uncredited) Anne Cornwall
Blakely's Inquisitive Office Worker (uncredited) Nell Craig
Bill - Plainclothes Policeman (uncredited) Edgar Dearing
Police Guard at Courtroom Entrance (uncredited) Pat Flaherty
Lord Melville (uncredited) Robert Greig
Inmate Wearing Black Cap (uncredited) Kit Guard
Kirby's Dining Guest (uncredited) John Hamilton
Court Attendant (uncredited) Edward Hearn
Kirby's Attorney (uncredited) Russell Hicks
Board Member (uncredited) Edward Keane
Inmate (uncredited) Pert Kelton
Kirby's Attorney (uncredited) Edwin Maxwell
Restaurant Patron (uncredited) Frank McLure
Guard (uncredited) Charles McMurphy
Policeman (uncredited) James Millican
Neighbor Helping with Move (uncredited) Edward Peil Sr.
Kirby's Secretary (uncredited) Ian Wolfe
Bobby (uncredited) Eugene Anderson Jr
Attorney to Kirby at Arraignment (uncredited) Stanley Andrews
Reporter (uncredited) William Arnold
Kirby's Office Aide (uncredited) Johnny Arthur
Neighbor (uncredited) Frank Austin
Neighbor (uncredited) Harry A. Bailey
Neighbor (uncredited) Joseph E. Bernard
Neighbor (uncredited) Beatrice Blinn
Neighbor (uncredited) Charles Brinley
Neighbor (uncredited) Beatrice Curtis
Neighbor (uncredited) Betty Farrington
Neighbor (uncredited) John Ince
Neighbor (uncredited) Stella LeSaint
Neighbor (uncredited) Margaret Mann
Neighbor (uncredited) Tina Marshall
Neighbor (uncredited) Eva McKenzie
Neighbor (uncredited) Fred Parker
Neighbor (uncredited) George C. Pearce
Neighbor (uncredited) Ed Randolph
Neighbor (uncredited) Frances Raymond
Neighbor (uncredited) Bert Starkey
Neighbor (uncredited) Dorothy Vernon
Neighbor (uncredited) Bess Wade
Mary (uncredited) Gladys Blake
Taxi Driver (uncredited) Joe Bordeaux
Restaurant Patron (uncredited) Ralph Brooks
Newsboy (uncredited) Stanley Brown
Child Dancer (uncredited) Gloria Browne
Bill Hughes (uncredited) Wallis Clark
Hammond (uncredited) Chester Clute
Barber (uncredited) Nick Copeland
Strongarm Man (uncredited) Dick Curtis
Trustee (uncredited) Sidney D'Albrook
Reporter (uncredited) Lew Davis
Reporter (uncredited) Lester Dorr
Reporter (uncredited) Jack Gardner
Reporter (uncredited) William Lally
Reporter (uncredited) Gene Morgan
Expressman (uncredited) Vernon Dent
Woman (uncredited) Kay Deslys
Woman (uncredited) Florence Dudley
Woman (uncredited) Almeda Fowler
Woman (uncredited) Alice Keating
Woman (uncredited) Georgia O'Dell
Woman (uncredited) Dagmar Oakland
Woman (uncredited) Rosemary Theby
Man (uncredited) Homer Dickenson
Man (uncredited) Oliver Eckhardt
Man (uncredited) Sterrett Ford
Man (uncredited) Jesse Graves
Man (uncredited) Louis King
Man (uncredited) Bob Kortman
Man (uncredited) Ralph McCullough
Man (uncredited) Clive Morgan
Man (uncredited) Cy Schindell
Man (uncredited) Harry Semels
Man (uncredited) Ernest Shields
Man at Jail (uncredited) S.S. Simon
Man (uncredited) Victor Travers
Child Dancer (uncredited) Roland Dupree
Bank Manager (uncredited) Edward Earle
Police Sergeant (uncredited) Jim Farley
Worried Neighbor (uncredited) Eddie Fetherston
Jailer (uncredited) James Flavin
Kirby's Assistant (uncredited) Byron Foulger
Bank Clerk (uncredited) Dick French
Bank Clerk (uncredited) Carlton Griffin
Bank Guard (uncredited) Dick Rush
Bank Clerk (uncredited) Bruce Sidney
Bank Clerk (uncredited) Harry Stafford
Bank Clerk (uncredited) Carlie Taylor
Child Dancer (uncredited) Joe Geil
Child Dancer (uncredited) Billy Wolfstone
Guard (uncredited) Chuck Hamilton
Ice Man (uncredited) Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Doorman (uncredited) Harry Hollingsworth
Office Manager (uncredited) Paul Irving
Attorney to Kirby at Arraignment (uncredited) Boyd Irwin
Attorney to Kirby (uncredited) Eddie Kane
Trustee (uncredited) Frank Mills
Policeman in Park (uncredited) Bruce Mitchell
Diner (uncredited) Wedgwood Nowell
Matron (uncredited) Blanche Payson
Bailiff (uncredited) Lee Phelps
Lady Melville (uncredited) Hilda Plowright
Mrs. Leach (uncredited) Doris Rankin
Court Policeman (uncredited) Ky Robinson
Mac (uncredited) Frank Shannon
Drunk (uncredited) C.L. Sherwood
Executive (uncredited) Edwin Stanley
Court Bailiff (uncredited) Bert Stevens
Kirby's Dining Guest (uncredited) Laura Treadwell
Strongarm Man (uncredited) John Tyrrell
Governor Leach (uncredited) Walter Walker
Attorney to Kirby (uncredited) Pierre Watkin
Expressman (uncredited) Pat West
Kirby's Secretary (uncredited) Larry Wheat
Russian General in Jail (uncredited) Alex Woloshin

Who Was On The Crew Of You Can't Take It With You The Movie?

Art — Art Department Coordinator: Lionel Banks
Art — Art Direction: Stephen Goosson
Camera — Still Photographer: Irving Lippman
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Bernard Newman
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Irene
Crew — Cinematography: Joseph Walker
Crew — Sound Recordist: Garry A. Harris
Directing — Assistant Director: Arthur S. Black Jr.
Directing — Director: Frank Capra
Editing — Editor: Gene Havlick
Production — Producer: Frank Capra
Sound — Music: Dimitri Tiomkin
Sound — Music: Morris Stoloff
Sound — Orchestrator: George Parrish
Sound — Orchestrator: Max Reese
Sound — Sound Editor: Edward Bernds
Writing — Dialogue: Charles C. Coleman
Writing — Scenario Writer: Robert Riskin
Writing — Screenplay: Robert Riskin
Writing — Theatre Play: George S. Kaufman
Writing — Theatre Play: Moss Hart

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