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Zulu Dawn

Watching The Movie Zulu Dawn
Zulu Dawn Film Information

What's The Movie Zulu Dawn About?

In 1879, the British suffer a great loss at the Battle of Isandlwana due to incompetent leadership. Cy Endfield co-wrote the epic prequel Zulu Dawn 15 years after his enormously popular Zulu. Set in 1879, this film depicts the catastrophic Battle of Isandhlwana, which remains the worst defeat of the British army by natives, with the British contingent outnumbered 16-to-1 by the Zulu tribesmen. The film's opinion of events is made immediately clear in its title sequence: ebullient African village life presided over by King Cetshwayo is contrasted with aristocratic artifice under the arrogant eye of General Lord Chelmsford (Peter O'Toole). Chelmsford is at the heart of all that goes wrong, initiating the catastrophic battle with an ultimatum made seemingly for the sake of giving his troops something to do. His detached  manner leads to one mistake after another.

The sun dawned bloodied...two great armies met face to face...and the earth trembled to the sound of the Zulu death chant!

What's The Collection The Zulu Dawn Movie Belongs to?

Anglo-Zulu War Collection

What's The Genre Of The Zulu Dawn Movie?

Genres: Adventure, Drama, History, War

Who Stars In The Zulu Dawn Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Zulu Dawn Released?

Released: May 14, 1979

What's The Runtime Of The Zulu Dawn Movie?

Runtime: 117.0

How Popular Is The Zulu Dawn Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.272

What Studio(s) Produced The Zulu Dawn Film?

Lamitas, Samarkand, Zulu Dawn NV

Netherlands, South Africa, United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Zulu Dawn?

Col. Anthony Durnford Burt Lancaster
Colonel Pulleine Denholm Elliott
C.S.M. Williams Bob Hoskins
Lord Chelmsford Peter O'Toole
Sir Henry Bartle Frere John Mills
Col. Hamilton-Brown Nigel Davenport
Lt. Vereker Simon Ward
Boy Pullen Phil Daniels
QSM Bloomfield Peter Vaughan
Norris Newman Ronald Lacey
Lt. Harford Ronald Pickup
Col. Crealock Michael Jayston
Pte Williams David Bradley
Lt. Coghill Christopher Cazenove
Lt. Melvill James Faulkner
Cpl. Storey Paul Copley
Cpl. Fields Ian Yule
Lt. Raw Nicholas Clay
Maj. Russell R.A. Donald Pickering
Lt. Milne Chris Chittell
Bishop Colenso Freddie Jones
Fanny Colenso Anna Calder-Marshall
Mr de Witt Kenneth Baker
Mrs de Witt Claire Marshall
Lady Frere Vivienne Drummond
Col. Harness Patrick Mynhardt
Fannin Don Leonard
Trooper James Len Sparrowhawk
Maj. Smith R.A. Brian O'Shaughnessy
Sentry Peter J. Elliott
Elder Boer Jan Bruyns
S.M. Kambula Sydney Chama
Cetshwayo Simon Sabela
Mantshonga Ken Gampu
Bayele Gilbert Tjabane
Uhama Abe Temba
Siswe Muntu Ndebele
Zulu Prisoner Paul Mafela

Who Was On The Crew Of Zulu Dawn The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Ousama Rawi
Directing — Director: Douglas Hickox
Editing — Editor: Malcolm Cooke
Production — Producer: James Faulkner
Production — Producer: Nate Kohn
Sound — Original Music Composer: Elmer Bernstein
Writing — Screenplay: Anthony Story
Writing — Screenplay: Cy Endfield

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